London escort is the best girl of all time


For me there is only one person that can make me happy and I couldn’t trade her to anyone else. She is the kind of girl that a lot of men wants to have. a girl that is so precious and a treasure to me. The moment I saw her I knew that there is something in her that makes me want her more. Given that she is beautiful, her personality also is pretty too. At first glance I thought she is mean and hard to pleased but when you knew her more, that is then you realized that she is a good companion. I never thought that I could find girl like her. For so many years I have been in the wrong people, following them and made me look a puppy. Many of my friends make fun of me of how my girlfriends treated on me, they act on me like they do not care and love me. For instance, my exes keep demanding me to buy them expensive stuffs or let them eat in expensive restaurants. I do not mind it since money is not an issue to me but I always end up being lie and cheated. I admit I am not a good looking man, I born with a huge birthmark on my face that I often get bullied. Perhaps if I do not have money, my life would be miserable. My parents brought me to the experts but it is a risk for me to have a surgery that is why I carried this birthmark for a long time now. I do not expect of finding a girl that is not after on my money. I want to have a girl that love me for who I am and would accept me for what I am. I want a genuine love. I can give her everything in life but this time I want to be with someone who is true to me. I went to London to have some vacations, after a long tiring work without rest for months is painful. It was a rest time for me, and my parents grant it too. There I heard about London escorts, since I am not familiar with the place and am all alone, I decided to book a London escort the next morning. Her name is Karen, she works as a London escort for five years now, and she looks so attractive on the day we met. I can’t stop but stare on her the whole day, London escort is a fun companion. We became so close easily; she told me that appearance of the person doesn’t always be the base of love. I was shock of hearing that on someone like London escort. London escort is the only person that gives me that kind of feeling. For years, we continued the communication until I and London escort ended to be a couple. We have a loving relationship now.

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