Is 16 The Right Age For Sex

UK London – Currently in UK the sexual age of consent is 16 years old, this means that in case you have indulge with someone younger relating to sexual acts, he or she may be charged with criminal offence and may be in prison depending on the age of the perpetrator. For ages below 18 years old you may be charged for a 5-year imprisonment and for 18 years above a possible 14-year imprisonment. London Escorts is discussing whether it is good to raise the sexual age of consent in UK or retain it.

London Escort Agency made a poll from different escort’s agencies and results were a mix of pros and cons: “We best describe it as a morality is the issue” – said by the panel who answered YES According to them 16 years is just too young to be involved in sexual activities. Psychological maturity is not yet fully develop and teens can’t ramify the consequences of their actions at such a young age. They said to raise the Sexual age of consent to at least 18 years old or 21 years old. The panel said that they are just protecting the interest of these teens and insist that there should always be limitations and restriction on themselves. In order to have a great society we should protect our young and preserve their dignity until they mature and can decide on their own. One of the main intent is for the lower risk of STD’s due to sexual activities at young age.

Starting of a young age and be sexually active, results to more cravings and higher imaginations for sex, as when they get bored they explore new things. “Don’t raise the sexual age of consent and further stigmatize the sexuality of a teenager” – said by the panel who answered NO According to some recipients of the poll, it will endanger the teenager’s well-being. Trust that is being given to those teenagers is a great deal of responsibility and if we remove that trust it would greatly affect them. The society should have more confidence in a 16-year’s old decision in deciding with their own sexuality otherwise It seems kind of a backward move. When restrictions are implemented on teenager’s behavior especially in his sexual life, we are making a barrier in his or her ability to grow and mature especially if the restrictions is affecting him or her privately and personally.

Studies shows that teaching youngster in an early age is more suitable for a greater development of that person and by limiting that or raising the age a certain person we are limiting his or her decision making capabilities on their own initiative. As said above that it is their primary intent to raise the age for sexual activity to prevent hazards of STD’s, to counter that it may only get the matter worst because according to studies, people will be more secretive with their sexual practices and it will eventually increase contracting STD’s.

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