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I am crazy mad for hot brunettes in London. They are the most sensational brunettes in this part of the Western Hemisphere, and the minute I believe that I have actually dated hot brunettes through every London escorts agency. Prior to I always used to have to go up West to date hot brunettes, now London escorts of appeared to have actually captured onto that brunettes are the brand-new blondes.

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Monique was not the first escort that I met in London. I dated quite a few escorts before I came across Monique, and I am not a routine date with Monique. She is a little bit various from all of the other escorts who date here in London, and the best way to explain would be to say that she has a really playful personality. Monique simply enjoys to include you in all of her games, and she will make you play in addition to her to obtain one of the most of your time together.

She is also a dancer, and her curvy body can relocate all directions. Sometimes I just don’t know where to look because each part of her seems to be everywhere at any moment in time.

Monique likes leather or PVC outfits, and she utilized to work as a motorbike courier prior to she became an escorts. Now she just hand-delivers herself to you, and she will do that in various ways. She is the ultimate pleasure to hang around with, so don’t believe that you can get away with simply one hour of Monique’s time.


To Monique it does not matter if dessert is served on the kitchen table, hot or cold – as long as Monique gets dessert she is happy. She is genuine treasure who simply loves to treasure you as much as you appreciate her. Monique has an abundance of confidence in a way of methods, and you can squander your time dating lots of escorts before you wind up with my charming Monique.


She will make the most delightful dinner date, and will be more than happy to spend talking to your friends before she is all set to go house for dessert. Monique does have a few preferred dessert that she will want to share with you, but she will inform you a lot more about them back home.


Obviously, there are numerous stunning blonde London escorts too however there are only numerous hours in a day, and I have actually chosen to opt for hot brunette London escorts. And let me inform you that London escorts come no hotter than a 22 years of age lady called Monique


It is worth to slowly appreciate this hot delight, and she will make certain that you are completely softened before play can play in earnest. Sparkly, saucy and a little so kinky is the best method I can explain the sensational Monique to any discerning gent. She might be young and playful, but if it is something more that you seek, Monique mores than happy to assist out.

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