Healthy Tips for Men

Most men would probably say that the women in their lives spend a lot of time nagging them. If you count Knightsbridge escorts among the women in your life, I think it would be fair to say that we spend a lot of time nagging gents as well. Most of the gentlemen I date at Knightsbridge escorts services are single, and I am not sure that they have any ladies in their lives who like to nag them. I am not sure their moms around, and the vast majority of the gents I date, are divorced. Having someone to nag them a little bit might even be good for them.

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Eating breakfast for single men seem to be rather a problem. Most of them don’t even want to make themselves a healthy bowl of serial in the morning with some fruit I hasten to say. Instead, I found that many of my Knightsbridge escorts gents pop out for breakfast. That often means having a fry up, and even though they do say to themselves that they are not going to eat until dinner time, a fried breakfast is not such a healthy option. It would be so much better to enjoy scrambled eggs with some salmon instead of a complete fry up.

Drinking is another problem for men. When they are on their, I am pretty sure that most men just keep beer and perhaps some wine in the fridge. As a matter of fact when I asked the single gents at Knightsbridge escorts, if they cooked dinner, they said no. Instead they picked up a take away on their way home, and enjoyed the take away with some alcohol. If they did not have a date with one of their girls from Knightsbridge escorts that night, they often ended up going out for a drink. The result is simply too much alcohol.

I know that most single men don’t like to cook, but there are plenty of places in London where you can get a healthy meal. Not everything has to be fried or come in a shape of a steak. There are even healthy take away services around, and I have tried a couple of them myself. Sure, some of the gents at Knightsbridge escorts would probably call the kind of cuisine they offer rabbit food, but with the right dressing, a salad could be very nice. I am surprised that some of the leading supermarkets have not come up with the concept of Salads for Men.

When I get married and leave Knightsbridge escorts, I will certainly look after my man. Will I nag him? Along with thousands of women across the world, I am sure that I will nag my men. It is just part of our genetic make up, and I do think it is okay to nag your men. Some women worry about their men resenting them, but I never do. I think that men actually like being nagged, and it does not matter if it is about their dietary habits or their socks. Now that is another subject, I keep on wondering if my single gents at the escort agency ever change their socks… they are not meant to be worn for one whole week!

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