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I intentionally made Caprice Moldova cry and I feel terrible about it now. I thought that if I say those awful words towards her, it will make me feel good about myself, but I was wrong. The moment that I turned those painful worlds toward Caprice I immediately regret my decision. She is a very close friend of mine, and we usually quarrel with each other from time to time but it never really got to the point that we would get mad at each other.

We disagree with each other because of our work. When we do not agree on some things, we resort to debating each other, and it’s okay for me. There was only one time that I got furious at her when she told me that I was stupid. For some reason, it got into my nerves, and our debate got pretty heated. The stress and anger got to me and unhurt her feelings very poorly.

I told her personal insult that is very inappropriate. I tried to mend things with her intimidated lying, but I was unsuccessful. She did not like it at all. I can see it in her eyes that she don’t want to be friends with me anymore. The feeling of losing her cause me a lot of stress. What I did was wrong, and I want our relationship to go back, but it’s too late. What I told her is unforgivable, and I understood that. I can’t do anything about it now. I should have never let my emotions overcome me, because of that it ruined a very valuable friendship that I have and it almost cause me my work.

Thankfully Caprice did motorsport me to our boss. If she did tell my boss, I’m sure that it would have got me fired. She still thinks about me even after all I said to her. I tried apologizing to her months after our quarrel. Thankfully she accepted my apology, and our relationship with each other slowly got back to normal. I will never commit those same mistakes again. She taught me a precious lesson, and that’s very important to me.

I believe that I do have feelings for her but I’m not sure if I want to confess to her now. I think that now is not a good time to express my love for her because we have so many work to do. For now, I’m pleased that I repaired my relationship with her. I’m also a fortunate man because I always book Westminster Escorts. Westminster Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/westminster-escorts help me focus on my work. Because of Westminster Escorts, I can work very efficiently.

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